Juniper Tree Oregon

Welcome to Juniper Lamp!

We are located in Bend, Oregon where juniper grows in abundance. This makes our ideas limitless in creating our pieces based on quality of our juniper. All wood is pressure washed, hand sanded with special attention to every detail. All lamps are designed by my son, Darren Lambert. Darren is an accomplished airbrush artist that has a great eye for design. His first lamp was a floor lamp made for me as a gift. I still have it in my living room and it makes a statement. Darren give’s the lamps an unconventional eye which makes the lamps stand out from other lamps. Also, all of his bases are handmade and not run through a planer or factory bought. All lamps are made with UL approved brass parts, solid brass sockets 3-way or single switch, solid brass switches and harps. Darren’s lamps go well in any rustic, western, craftsman or even a modern designed home with the appropriate lamp shade. All lamp shades are created by me. The rawhide goat is outstanding because I use the natural goat skin and it has a wonderful natural design to the hide and the light illuminates thru the hide. They can be dyed to match any color scheme. Lampshades range in decors from rustic to modern to suit your home decorating style.

We are proud to say that our product is Made in the USA. Thank you for reading our story.

Darren Lambert Artist & Diana Lynn, Artist / Owners